Lakewood Park video on News 5 in Cleveland!

Thanks for featuring the video I made for Aerial Guide! I have to get working on the site and YouTube videos now.. 😝

January 2018 | Second of the Day

Taking Second of the Day in a different direction this year. Instead of shooting a video every day, I'm going to make a video every month. A monthly recap with explanations and video is going to be easier to manage than one massive video project at the end of the year.

Lakewood, Ohio: Flying over Lakewood Park in the winter

A cold and icy morning in Lakewood - the sky was clear with low winds when I woke up so I decided to seize the opportunity and take the Phantom 4 Pro out by the frozen Lake Erie.

A new side project: Aerial Guide

Starting a new side project is always a fun yet overwhelming process. I plan on making a website, YouTube & Instagram - but first I have to start with a logo. I wanted something bold and simple, but most importantly - no cameras, aperture/lenses or drones in the logo. 

Second of the Day 2017 video posted and website launched

I told myself I was going to ship Second of the Day on January 1st this year, for the first time ever, and it actually worked.

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