Working on the year-end video for Second of the Day 2017

Ever since I cracked and added music to Second of the Day, discovering the perfect song has become the major choke point. It's a pain that is all too familiar from editing skate videos. 

Convert a bulleted list to outlines and preserve the bullets in InDesign

Adding a Time Hop-like today page to Second of the Day

Whilst being disappointed by my lack of social media posting when I opened my time hop app, I had a realization. launched!

Still have some work to do, but the website is up

Choosing the proper online resource: Lynda vs Treehouse vs Code School

With all of the online courses teaching similar subjects, it’s difficult choosing the right school. Like Colleges, these different services have their own ways of presenting material and testing you to see if you understand it- if they test you at all.

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